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7/31/14 - Redemption - Streen is currently writing a novel called Redemption of the Jedi. Part I is now accessible through The Jedi Creed Site. As it is a large work in progress, we have embedded his writing from Scribd. Stay tuned.

7/19/14 - Contributions Updated - The Contributions section of the site is now fully updated.

7/19/14 - Understanding the Source - While I was editing further, I was lead to comment on Kai Wan Chi's lecture called The Principles of the Force. While his lecture is of interest, it does not hold the full story. View my thoughts here.

7/19/14 - Who are They to Tell Us? - I have updated the Contributions section with a response to Valek's question from years past. Here is the link: Click here.

7/16/14 - The Gallery Removed - The Gallery, for now, has been removed. It was kept online many years for archival reasons. Now, with website's re-activation, it is no longer necessary. The archived 2005 version still remains at JEDI.

7/16/14 - The Discovery: Final - The rest of The Discovery articles, such as The United Jedi Council, The Year of the Creed, The Media Incident, Where Are They Now, The Challenge of the Force, and Resurrection have all been edited, expanded, and refined. View it all here. Enjoy the new section.


Endgame - A stage in the journey which few factors remain. The objective is clear. The task... realized. Mere exchange will not suffice... for the Knight, in submission to its Lord, must now move forward to check the opponents King... and end the game.


Starting April 2014, all references to "Star Wars" will be expressed at bare minimum due to recent ownership purchase of Lucasfilm Ltd. in 2012. All previous content on this website will be edited with strict usage of Lucasfilm's copyright material.
7/15/14 - Posting Board and Chat Conferences - The posting board (called The Gathering) and the chat room (called Chat Conferences) are now available. Feel free to visit both by clicking on the appropriate links at the top left of the page.

6/28/14 - What is your Focus? (Updated) - A fresh update on the April 2007 lecture.

6/20/14 - Who is your Lord? - We all serve a Master. Yet do we know which one we serve?

6/12/14 - Apology Accepted - How can a desire of personal acceptance override the influence of our caretakers? Learn more now.

6/2/14 - Let's Pretend - The journey of an adept will eventually lead towards maturity. But will the toys remain?

5/29/14 - The Challenge - What is so dangerous about Jediism? Learn more about it here.

5/24/14 - Temples and Praxeums - The Holocron answered a question asked about the history of three website names. There was much detail given to that answer. Learn more.

5/22/14 - Jedi Symbol - Someone recently asked me about the Jedi symbol and what it meant. I'll let the Holocron answer. What does it mean and why was it changed?

5/21/14 - The Discovery Part III - The references for the Origin of Tionne and WinterHeart, the Creation of the Jedi Creed, and the Dreams of Relan and Streen have been re-edited and expanded. View it here. Much more to come.

5/3/14 - The Discovery Part II - The references for the Foreward, the Origin of Mitth, Streen, and Relan, as well as the New Belief has been re-edited. View it here. More to come.

5/3/14 - The Discovery - The Discovery section, as with all sections here, is currently being re-edited. A new introduction now exists. View it here.

4/29/14 - Manipulation - Are our minds molded, tastes formed, ideas suggested, largely by people we've never heard of? Click here to learn more.

4/19/14 - Links Page Updated - View updated page here.

4/16/14 - Blood Moons - A couple of nights ago, I witnessed a blood moon in the heavens. Alongside it, was the planet Mars. What does it mean?

4/15/14 - Activate - Holocron has been activiated... Learner.

4/12/14 - Home - The Home page has been updated. Learn more by reading below.

4/10/14 - Zugzwang - Sometimes the best move is not to move at all. Why do we hurt ourselves? Learn more here.

4/7/14 - Chat Conferences - The Chat Conference link has been forwarded to my Facebook page for now until things get cleaned up.

4/5/14 - The Truth of Our Origin - The contact page was recently updated, which helps explains the new focus of this website. View it here.

3/27/14 - The Tree of Life - Maybe, just maybe, a branch the Creed started back then can be cut off of a dying tree. The original questioning of beliefs we asked about can again be asked... without fence walking the dark and light. What is the Tree of Life?

3/27/14 - Redeemed - After seven years of silence, the Jedi Creed has been given a facelift. Also, both jedicreed.org and thecreed.org will now point to this website. Although much has changed since 1999, the writings here still show some validation.

4/3/07 - What is Your Focus? - As it is quoted often, "Your Focus determines your Reality." Let us apply this concept further - your Focus determines your Path (or the lack therof). Stay clear from the Dark, Learner, or you will be a casualty of Evil. Learn about your Focus today, before there is no tomorrow.

The Challenge

The Beginning... is the End. Expecting you are? Time will tell... as we tell time as well. Remember that taking the first step towards truth will be difficult. Continuing those steps, though, will be painful. You will loose much. That is the price of seeking wisdom.

Seek the true Master... as there is only one source of truth. For one will be enlighted, and one will face there destiny... one will see, and one... will be blinded.

Be humbled, let go of your realm. Do this.. and you will begin to know.

Welcome, Seekers of Knowledge...

You have embarked upon a journey of self discovery. Here you will learn of truth, of the conflict within. It will require patience and diligence – for they are keys to understanding.

Here you will learn of your darkness. It is the darkness you cannot control, which you forget. It is the truth you cannot tell; it is the lie you cannot judge. By being aware, you will be able to let go and expose it. And hopefully loosen it.

Here we present a practical, realistic approach to recognize the forces of light and darkness – not by ignoring it, yet by destroying it. The knowledge of good and evil contains within its seed a vicious cycle of life and death. That seed creates confusion. Double-mindedness. Insanity. This is the fruit we eat today. Look around you and see its results.

We know many who are skeptical about the entire existence of this seed. It is something passed by, not given a second thought. It is merely assumed and consumed. But for other people – who are interested in learning about themselves and the energies which they conjure – will be brought to this place. For this is a place of learning and understanding.

That is what we hope to accomplish here. To allow you to gather and realize knowledge. Not for knowledge’s sake, but for the sake of awareness... and action!

We would also like to explain why we said 'realistic' above. While The Jedi Creed website may seem like an RPG realm (Role Playing Game) or religious institution (Jediism), this is far from truth. We are not actors of the mythos in Star Wars, nor or we fanatics who wield sabres. We are a gathering. Not a club, or church, or within an elevated place or campground – but an assembly of truth-seekers... in the here and now. Seekers of the way of life. We choose life!

The light and its tree is something that can exist in all of us, as it exists beyond us. The Jedi Creed offer teachings of this light, teachings for your everyday life. Teachings of vision, self-influence, denouncement. Although much of the world is lost, there is still a small remnant to whom this learning can be shared. With the light... it is possible! It is a simple matter of living out that light... and shining it.

We are capable of so much more than we think. It’s not a matter of evolution, or revolution... it is realization! We must understand that we are capable of so much more than know. Here at The Creed... we hope to inspire you into realizing your abilities... and perform!

...The Jedi Creed

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